It was such a pleasure to work with our good friends at Citygirl Weddings for a recent WGN Chicago segment. Shar, lead planner at Citygirl Weddings, showed viewers how to bring luxe details to their wedding day through cuisine, texture and, of course, paperie! Here are a few of her tips straight from her blog:

Citygirl Weddings had the honor of being a guest on the WGN Midday Fix today! We offered 5 tips to having the perfect city wedding. Here they are:

1) Don’t be afraid to try the non-traditional. Options like having a cocktail reception (dinner stations) instead of a plated dinner, late night snacks, dessert stations are all great additions to a city wedding.

2) Consider a unique venue – art galleries, loft spaces, museums, and restaurants.

3) Think about your wedding as a weekend event. Many of your guests coming in for the wedding may be from out of state or out of the country. Come up with event options for your guests to attend while they’re in town. From sports games, shopping, restaurants, tours, and more – Chicago has enough entertainment to keep guests enjoying every minute of their stay here.

4) Consider alternative photography locations. The city has so many interesting spots for photos – don’t be afraid to go into the different neighborhoods or side streets to take off the beaten path photos.

5) Keep things geographical. You want your family, bridal party, and guests to enjoy your weding day and not deal with too much driving, parking situations, etc. Consider having ceremony and reception locations in the same location or within a 15 minute cab/driving radius.


Thank you to the amazing vendors without whom we could not have done this:

All in all, it was a great day and a lot of fun bringing all the elements of the table together. Here are a few snapshots from Instagram, that I took of the details we provided for this segment.

Greenstar-Paperie-Wedding-Chicago-CityGirl-Weddings-WGN_3695 Greenstar-Paperie-Wedding-Chicago-CityGirl-Weddings-WGN_3698Greenstar-Paperie-Wedding-Chicago-CityGirl-Weddings-WGN_3696 Greenstar-Paperie-Wedding-Chicago-CityGirl-Weddings-WGN_3697