Travel back in time to the 1930s and experience a world of glitz and glamour with the Art Deco Wedding Invitation. I mean, who doesn’t love The Great Gatsby and a little bit of Hollywood living? The Art Deco screams elegant affair at first sight, featuring gold accents and beautiful script, perfect for any Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan couple.

The gold accents are placed on a bold background of black or navy blue and with this combination of the bold background and the enchanting script, a beautiful balance of elegance is created for any Hollywood inspired wedding. For a couple with a softer side, the color choice of light pink and neutral gray is right up their alley. The two colors create a more modern feel to the invitation, but still holds onto the Hollywood vibe.






The Art Deco Wedding Invitation is enclosed in our Signature Clutch, including a RSVP card with printed envelope and a details card that can hold the reception info, additional event details and/or accommodations info. Our Signature Clutch is our most popular invitation style for your wedding guests to receive. But what is so special about our Signature Clutch?

Our Signature Clutch features your invitation design adhered to the front and then two accessory cards, in the coordinating design of course, stacked neatly in the back pocket so your guests can find your wedding information all in one place. Our Signature Clutch makes the invite package clutter free and stylishly organized.





So go ahead, take a scroll through our entire signature collection, where you will find all of the color choices, paper choices, and information you need to make your big day ‘oh so’ special. We have chosen three color combinations that we think make this invite look best. The order processing is user-friendly and we would love to help contribute to your big day. Start the shopping and give us a shout if you have any questions.